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Laptop shuts down randomly when running Snow Leopard


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I would say the laptop is over heating...


When I last had OSX I am sure it ran hotter or at least reported to be running hotter.


What model laptop do you have, can you install a Mac application that monitors system temperature? Monitor the temp and see if it is rising quickly, just something to eliminate. A friend of mine had her laptop keep shutting down, turned out to be a faulty fan so the laptop would shuit down to prevent damage.

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Could be a hardware problem (mobo or some kind of cooling failure) or your install isn't loading the drivers for your fans.


Listen for your fans. Any weird ticking noises? Any noises at all? Do they move when booting into another OS? A Live CD could help you diagnose this problem.

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definately sounds like a software problem, is there any software you can get for OSX that controls fan speed and monitors temperature? Perhaps you could manually set the fan speed.


Did you get OSX installed following a guide for HP ProBook 4710s or did you just follow a general guide.


If you followed specific info relating to HP ProBook 4710s then perhaps ask questions there.


Otherwise, if you feel game you could hardwire the fans to (depending on fan voltage) a 12v source (usb maybe) on the motherboard.

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