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Ethernet nforce4 Driver Problem


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Hello everyone,



i have some troubles with my ethernet to get it working... :wacko:

I am using:

Snow Leopard 10.6.6

M3N HT Deluxe

AMD Phenom


First i want describe short what happens. After a fresh installation of Snow Leopard 10.6.3 the ethernet works! But after a reboot the ethernet didnt work longer....

I only install the chameleon rc5 and setup my graphic card to nvidia 8800GT @1920x1080x32 thats all. (with EFI Studio)


I tried the "forcedeth 0.3 leopard" but with no results...i dont get a IP Adress from my DHCP also Manuell IP doesnt work.


And i am not sure which driver is the right one...the nforce4 or the atheros f1 (but didnt found a driver for the atheros f1 or dont know whats the right one....)


After the fresh install of leopard the Model in networkservice shows me a MCP73-1 (the working one)

and after the reboot it is a MCP77, with Ethernet 2 in network B) !? With the MCP77 i have Ethernet, Network and ISP with a green icon in the diagnostics. But no for Internet.....


So if anybody can help would be awesome :)

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