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(SOLVED) wireless help needed for fully functional macintoshiba


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Ok I have Aitkos v2 snow leopard installed and working perfectly on my Toshiba P200-1ed apart from airport.

If I leave the standard Toshiba wi-fi card in (ar5bx863)i cannot find a suitable kext for that

My problem is I have a heap of wi-fi cards to try but the toshiba is very fussy about which ones it will use.

the wi-fi switch is turned on but with certain cards (dell 1390 and 1490) the switch will not work and the wi-fi light is not lit as if there is no card fitted. I really think its the laptop at fault here as in windows I have the same problem. The cards with * after them in the list below are detected in windows and remain switched on but I cannot find suitable kexts for them.

The Dell cards are found as airport cards but are switched off and no amount of turn on airport attempts will help.

Does anyone know of either a compatible card for this laptop I can buy or if any of the cards below will work with specific kexts? Please bear in mind I have only been at this a few days and anything too complex will go over my head.

Cards I have are:


intel pro wireless 3945abg *

ralink rt2571wf *

dell dw 1390

atheros ar5bxb63 *

dell 1490

dell dw 1395 rev ao2


Ok for the sake of the search I now have this fully working by taping over one of the pins (second on the right after the locating gap when looking at the card front) on the broadcom card, no wifi light but airport fully working.

I have now noticed however I have no USB working so off to the search again lol. If anyone knows any shortcuts I'd appreciate them.


Any help at all is greatly appreciated as everything else is perfect

Thanks guys

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