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Just a couple of things bothering me...

René Morales

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Hey guys... I successfully installed the SnowLeo's 2.8gb OS X distro that's floating out there... To my surprise my issues were minimal, just a couple of PS2 stuff that wasnt working properly but I got it to load quickly, but things like audio and network were working out of box.

Now there are a couple of things that bother me and that ruin my experience, so I guess I could take some help from you guys.


First of all, QuickTime crashes. Just like that. Trying to open anything on Quicktime makes it crash. Even Safari crashes when trying to do HTML5 video (which is powered by Quicktime components). I have a Radeon HD4650, got it working with the kext + device id injection combo with no major issues and things go just fine. I don't actually think that's the problem, neither. I can play video with no problems on YouTube and even on iTunes mp4s play just fine.


Then, the other thing that bothers me, is that I can't load the system without cpus=1. I don't know why. I have an AMD Athlon II X4 640 at 3,09 GHz, and I'd love to use all of the four cores, but when I run without cpus=1 or with cpus=4 it just hangs in a line that says something about "USBF: 4,167 bla bla bla controller will be unloaded across sleep" and that's it. It doesn't go any further than that. Which makes me sad because I'm stuck with one core.


And the other lil thingie, is that my audio device does not recognize input of any sort. I'm using the Azalia audio driver which seems to do fine for a long list of devices, as long as everything you want to do is to listen in stereo. I need to get the microphone working. My device is a Realtek HD Audio (888S). I really need it working because I'm a podcasting person, y'know.


That's about it. Please, please guide me in some way so I can success in life.


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