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VMWare shared folders: programs won't run


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(this post should go in the virtualization forum, but I'm a new user so I can't post there)


Scenario: VMWare Player (quite recent version) running on Linux. OSX 10.5.5 installed on it, with zenith drivers and all the stuff mentioned on http://www.chicchedicala.it/en/2010/03/21/...ation-o-player/


I was able to get shared folders running on read+write mode.


However, I cannot run any program located on shared folders. If I open a terminal (from the OSX virtual machine), I see the programs (bash shell scripts) and they have the execution permission turned on. However, If I try to run any script, I get the typical "unknown option" error you get when trying to run a script without permission.


If it matters, I "discovered" this issue while trying to run a "./configure" script for compiling sources located in the shared folder (yes, I installed XCode before trying to do so).


Then I found it also happens with OSX executables, and not only with shell scripts: executables won't run if they're on a shared folder.


(Yes, I tried to mount vmhgfs with the 'exec' option, but didn't help (no wonder because the docs say 'exec' is a default option)


Is there something I can do for fixing this? I really need to compile code located on a shared folder, and it has configure scripts that I must run!!!!



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