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Random crashes... any ideas?


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I have a new Hackintosh here with my Gigabyte G41M-Combo mobo, a Pentium E6500 processor, and an nvidia 8800GTS. I'm mainly going to be using this as a media server, and the occasional light gaming on the big screen.


After installing a few kexts, everything works fine... I have wired network, sound, and 3D acceleration on the nvidia card... except that I get random crashes. As in, the greyed over screen with all the text telling me that I need to reboot. A reset usually does the trick and we're back up and okay for awhile longer (anywhere between 4 and 12 hours).


A few days ago a lot of the crashes were somehow related to the DVD player (it didn't specify really if it meant the actual DVD Player software or the optical drive itself -- weird if it were the former because I do not use DVD Player but rather VLC for playing movies) according to the crash logs in the library/logs/crashreporter folder. Found someone with a similar issue that said to delete something (sorry, can't remember what specifically) that referred to the DVD player, rebuild permissions, and restart. Did so.


Still have occasional crashes, but no log reports are generated anymore. Is there some other place that these logs would be written to, or some way to turn on more comprehensive logging? The only common thread here is that probably 80% of the time, it happens when Handbrake is ripping a DVD and the screen saver is on. However, that isn't true for every time that it has crashed, and it will oftentimes go for hours in that situation without issue. It's not an overheating issue, there is plenty of ventilation and airflow... and I've thermal greased many-a processors in the past.


I've run a full cycle of Memtest86+ tests on my memory. Any other ideas?


Thanks much

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