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A Success story!


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I just finished an install of snow leopard on a Asrock Conroe 1333 -667 MB. I used a core duo 1333 cpu and PNY DDR2 4GB 667 ram. Installed with my hack installer and a retail disk (10.6.3) burned to a USB. Install went smooth, I used all default settings in myhack. Had to patch the lan and audio.


This old MB runs very fast and smooth and I have met no problems with Apps except for CS3. CS3 clearly slows this machine down. Vectorworks, which is a very complex ACAD app runs faster than I had ever seen it run.


After each kext install I started in safe mode, repaired permissions and restarted with no errors. Once I saw it working I took the apple updates, one at a time (10.6.4,,,10.6.5,,, 10.6.6) to get it up to date. Repaired permissions after each one and moved to the next. This old board surprised me.


If you want more details I have added it to the osx86 wiki under 10.6.3!

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