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Connecting to the internet? Osx


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I'm using Kalyway 10.5.2


running on an Intel D915gux board.


Originally i tried with the onboard lan, and had no joy with this, the onboard lan showed no lights when an ethernet cable was plugged in. I've managed to find a dlink dl10038d ethernet card in the loft, and have installed this, and found some drivers for it... dfe538tx_driver_mac_v310.sit




I've installed this on the mac, however, when i'm going on the Network settings within the mac, It's not listing the Ethernet card, first time i've just a mac, so am totally clueless about this.




Any help would be really appriciated. thanks.






Edit, added a pic... a "Modem Error occured, please verify your settings and try again" That text pops up after the window in the screenshot...




Also, I've not got a modem installed, just an ethernet card. which confused me a bit.


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I've found System Profiler now, got a bit more information.. Screenshots to follow ;) Not sure how important this is... but might help.




Ive also Ran IONetworkingFamily.kext to see if this made any difference, and it never unfortunatly ;).


anyways, Screenshots to show where i am are below.







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