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Help! Cannot boot into 10.6

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I used the following guide:



I tried to boot into 10.6 with -x -f -v parameters but it halts on this error message of KMOD_CONTROL is not supported in this Kernel Architecture or something of that nature.


My rig:

AMD Phenom II X6 1055T

Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4

ATi Radeon 5870

6GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM

Seagate 7200.11 1TB SATA2 Harddisk


Will I have to reformat and reinstall or can I salvage this install?


Any help? Thanks.

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Guide not working for me.


Load Chamelon bootloader and placed dual layer DVD with 10.6 into drive. Pressed enter to boot. Computer shows some loading texts then restarts randomly.



EDIT: Managed to resolve with different BootCD.

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New problem. When installing OS X 10.6 install randomly fails and says I must reboot. No particular error message given.


Any input guys? I really want to get 10.6 working. Should I try a different BootCD or...?

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BUMP! I would really appreciate it if somebody could help me.


Edit: Tried installing with Nawcom CD and retail 10.6. Installs well except leaves a bunch of error messages at the end about missing .kexts. Try to reboot into my HDD and computer reboots.


Am I supposed to reboot with Nawcom CD? If I try to do that it doesn't recognize my harddisk.

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