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OS X not booting on Envy 14


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hi everyone!


yesterday i got a retail copy of mac osx 10.6.3 and installed it via pirate efi bootdisc onto aSATA that runs over the eSATA port on my laptop.


installation ran fine but now when i try booting into Mac OSx from the boot CD i dont see the start up screen.

alls i see is all the commands running down again as if it was trying to get back to the install programm.


so i switched to a EasyEFIver2.2 bootdisc.


Now i see the Apple Logo for a splitsecond before it then restarts again.

Each time before the screen disapears again i can see a problem with "DSDT" but since it moves so quick i can't see what else it gives me errors on.


As far as now i haven't been able to try anything else since i don't know enough about the further progress

and i wouldn't know what to do next but i have spent a majority of the time on this forum trying to figure out what i could do.


my specs atm are:


hp envy 14

Intel® Core™ i5-560M Prozessor

2,66 GHz

Ati Radeon HD 5650m

6gb ddr3

320gb samsung HDD (over eSATA)

i think that is all the spec needed.


there is a topic stating that radeon 5xxx are able to run now.





the only problem i have is figuring out how to work all of the processes needed.


i"d much appreciate if someone could run me down on a couple of steps how to fix this issue i'm having.


also i haven't been able to get into the OS so if there are ways to fixing this in other ways i would much appreciate this! :) i pretty much take all the help i can get !


thanks in advance!!!!

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