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Unexpected Quits


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I just got my MiniStack for an external AYA HD for my Mac Mini.

I decided to install Leopard for my external, so I redid the partition map, upgraded Tiger to Leopard...




for some reason, my Leopard doesn't seem to work well.

What I mean is, System Prefs, Expose, Dashboard, Get Info, Spaces, etc, would all quit unexpectedly.

I have no idea why -- I'm not sure if it's because the Leopard I got was corrupted or what (which I doubt, or else I would not get and open a dmg file)


Any suggestions?


It could be several reasons, I believe.

1. It's external and Mini don't work well with externals (like, I can't use Boot Camp with external for some reason..)

2. I didn't finish the software updates. After I booted into Tiger, I let it run for like 1/2 hr for the software updates, reboot and into the Leopard installer ----- could that be the problem?!





Of course, I would love to run the OS on my internal HD (only 80GB.. but it's SATA!!) but I don't know how to relink everything to the external (e.g. Movies, Docs, Music, etc folder so it'll show up on the left of Finder, and install Apps on external but run on internal..)




suggestions, anybody?

ps - I'll try installing again.. from Tiger and make sure the software updates are complete, since no one is having this problem. Little weary though, since the installation took me hours.. :/

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