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Apple announces iPad 2, iOS 4.3, HDMI adapter for iPad 1/2, iPhone 4


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ipad2-300x274.jpgApple has announced the widely-predicted successor to it's revolutionary tablet device; the iPad 2.


Although the new iPad doesn't feature the anticipated retina-display than its smaller iPhone 4 sibling got last year, it does sport a thinner and lighter design, improved battery life, and comes with either a black- or white-fronted bezel (but still with an aluminium back). One of the most keenly sought features finally made its debut on the iPad: front- and rear-facing cameras, allowing for FaceTime and HD video recording.


Alongside the new iPad is version 4.3 of the iOS, which boasts the same Nitro JavaScript engine as Mac OS X, giving Safari twice the performance with JavaScript. iOS 4.3 also features AirPlay enhancements to allow iTunes users to stream music from their Mac or PC to their iOS device.


Quietly introduced amongst all this was a key component for any iPad or iPhone 4 owner: an HDMI adapter to output HD video from your iPhone 4 or iPad 1/2 to an HDMI TV/monitor. The adapter also supports video mirroring for the iPad 2, allowing business users to do presentations via their iPad on large screens.


For more info, check out the Apple website.



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