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HD 5830 installed but not working + more problems, or ?


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So i have installed on Snow Leopard on :



Motherboard: Asus Crosshair IV Forumula (bios 1304)

CPU: AMD 1055t

Graphic: Radeon HD 5830 x 2

RAM: 4gb


Im booting with Nawcom boot cd (the latest)


(Dont know or its not working to take screenshot for me, so the pictures are taken with iphone, sorry :/)


It looks like this now with the first graphicscard



Shall it look like this? if it should why isnt it working ? i cant change resolution or anything and i cant see any approvements in SL, i cant even see pictures when i use the buildt in program, its just white.


The second graphicscard




When i boot it looks like this



What does that mean with "Card 0x689e was not posted" ?



What are all these Blacklists ? Shouldnt it be loaded ?




And the last thing, is this good or bad ?




Sorry for the bad quality on the pictures and thanks for reading the post and hopefully you can help me get the graphicscards working. Everything else is woring good i think, have sound, internet, my 4k ram when i boot with "maxmem=4096".


oh one last thing, im also booting with "Graphics Mode"=1920x1080x32 but i only get 1450x1080 (i think, on window now)

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