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10.6.6 on rampage 2 extreme, i7 X 980 full edited DSDT


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I think i have managed a nearly Perfect install on my System.

On my way to do this i have read a lot in this Forum, so i wan`t share my experience here were i got it.


So, here my System specifications and what i have done.


Mainboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme X58 S1366

CPU: Intel i7 X 980

RAM: 3x2048MB Mushkin Blackline DDR3-2000

Graphic: GeForce 9800 GT


I will begin with my first steps but the end is the intresting thing.


Step 1


Install Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail from another os x system.


Update to 10.6.5 with os x combo update.


Update to 10.6.6 with os x combo update.



Step 2


Install Chameleon RC5 747 pkg for prefpane and so on.


Changed boot file located in / with the one from Chameleon 730 (i feel it boot faster with this one)


For now i put the necessary kexts for boot in /Extra (removed later after add custom DSDT.aml)


I also added com.apple.Boot.plist to /Extra








You will need NullCPUPowerManagement at this moment. It can be removed after adding the modified DSDT.


Repair Permissions



Step 3


Boot into Linux or Windows and extract DSDT --> Mine is from Linux, sleep works fine


Now boot into os x and hope it will start. If not test with -x or -F



Step 4


If you use my Boot.plist your Chameleon settings look like this.


--> I will add pictures later.


Add your DSDT to /Extra


Copy IONetworkingFamily.kext->AppleHDA.kext->HDAEnabler.kext and patched IOATAFamily.kext to /System/Library/Extensions (IOATA is patched by netkas!!!)


SoundNetwork_2.zip --> updated i have forgotten AD2000b.kext


IOATAFamily.kext_10.6_X86_64.zip --> for 32bit look at



Repair Permissions


Now reboot and you will have Networking and Sound. --> If not search in my DSDT for HDEF and copy code.



Step 5


Now extract SSDT.dsl with DSDTSE and add the code on his place take a look on my DSDT.


Same with SSDT-1, SSDT-2. --> If it`s not extractable reboot and try again.





Step 6


Now you would be able to delete all Extensions in /Extra but not FakeSMC.kext and OrangeIconFix.kext


Now use kextutility it will fix Permissions and create Extensions.mkext


After a reboot you should have speedstep, sleep, networking, sound, CPUPowermanagment,

FanControl and i think all features os x have to give enabled.



Step 7


Is the Problem i have tested to boot without FakeSMC because i thought i have all necassary code in my DSDT.


It gaves me no kernel error or something but it hangs where the Desktop should come up.


If someone can help me with my DSDT i will be happy. :D

I think there is more i can edit but i need a tip, idea or something like this.




So, it`s late so i post this but i will rewrite it by time to add pictures, kexts and so on.

Perhaps i have forgotten something then i will add it when i rewrite this. -_-

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Hey thank you so much for the guide. My system is up and running. Just waiting for you to post the kext needed to complete the install.


OMG! Thanks a million. I followed your guide and finally got my system running 10.6.6. I just patiently waiting for you to upload the kext to finish the install.

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Ok, now when your system is running, i think you will only need the AppleHDA.kext, HDAEnabler and the IONetworking.kext maybe the OrangeIconFix.kext

After i wrote this i will upload those kexts for you.


If sound is not working look for the HDEF code in my DSDT. Maybe you have used my DSDT then it should work. The OrangeIconFix kext is in my /Extra folder all other kexts are in /System/Library/Extensions folder.


If you want to monitoring CPU speed, temperature and Fan speed i will help you.


I`m very happy that i could help. What do you think is my guide easy enough to get it at the first run?



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Do you use more than one drive? In that case - do you have problems with read/write/slowdowns to the other disks (not the OS-disk)? Because I have a serious problem with this.


Copying a small file from the OS-disk to a second disk could take up to 10 minutes (and vice versa). Google is full of hits with this problem on ASUS-boards, but I can't find a solution.



Mainboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme

CPU: Intel i7 920 @ 4.2 w/HT

RAM: 6x2048MB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz

Graphic: GeForce GTS 250

OS-drive: Corsair F120

Other: 4x2TB SATA-disks.

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I have tested it and attached above IOATAFamily.kext it has a applepixata patched by netkas inside. I have no slowdowns at pluged IDE devices. The same on USB and AHCI ports.


I have copied a 5,6 GB file in under 3 minutes to any of my attached drives with different filesystems.


Let me know if it works for you.

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Hi, and thanks for the tutorial!

I have installed Lion on my box with asus rampage ii extreme with Radeon 5770 video.

Have you by any chance upgraded to Lion too?

I have problems starting the network, the ionetworkingfamily.kext you provided seems not to work.

thanks again

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