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Apple Remote Desktop 3.0


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Maybe one of you knows the answer.


I have a customer with Mac computers.


I have my Mac/Thinkpad.


Carole has a MacBook.


I tested this the other day at home, I know it works....read on.


I installed Apple Remote Desktop 3.0 on my Thinkpad/Mac. I deploy-install the Remote client to all PC's via thumb drive.


I can remotely view, control, manage, etc., Carole's MacBook from my ThinkPad/Mac, proving the system works as advertised.


Here is the problem:


When testing my Thinkpad/Mac with her MacBook, it's internal to the network, so I use the NAT address (192.168.XXX.XXX). Works.


At my clients, I have the REAL WORLD IP from the router, installed the software, and from home, cannot connect. (WAN IP ADDRESS)


I 'scan' the Network Address remotely, get a reply/addition from the router (real world IP), that's it.


I'm not too sure on how it's done on the Mac, get no helpful results on Google.


On the PC, I have this working flawlessly with RDP (Remote Desktop) by using Port Forwarding in the router to the RDP port of each PC.


I changed the RDP port, as an example, in each PC's registry to be: (XP world)


PC1=3389--and Port forward in the router\

PC2=3390--and Port forward in the router|>PC's with FIXED IP's

PC3=3391--and Port forward in the router


And so on.


It all works.


I can't find any documentation for doing what I want to do with the Mac, yet I'm sure it can.



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