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usb boot method without access to mac?


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Hey guys,


Trying to follow this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=189052


I have the ASUS P6T SE mobo, and this seemed like the best tut out there for this system (thanks tweak41!)


I have a retail dvd, but I don't have access to a mac. I managed to get snow leopard working in a virtualbox guest with Windows 7 host.. but I'm unable to format the USB stick with GUID in this setup (kernel panic.)


Does anyone know how to format a USB stick with GUID form Linux or Windows?? Is this even possible?


Or would I be better off trying to get a snow leopard distro from hazard or someone else which has chameleon already integrated and then try to do all the changes in tweak41's thread to make it compatible with my mobo?


Thanks in advance guys!

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I think Windows 7 can convert an MBR drive to a GPT drive if it's completely empty.

click Start, type Computer Management

Expand the Storage drop down list on the left middle of that window

Click "Disk Management"

Figure out which disk is the one you want to convert, then right click > delete volume for each partition on the disk. (Be careful that you do this on the drive you mean to, it will wipe out data)

Once every thing is free space/unallocated right click the description of the drive (eg Disk 1, Basic, XX GB, Online) and click "Convert to GPT disk" (it will be greyed out if there are allocated partitions on the device)

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Thanks princess I will go try that right now...


I stumbled on this which made it look like it's not possible: http://superuser.com/questions/232278/can-...x-boot-friendly


I'll try it in a few mins and report back.


There doesn't seem to be the option to "delete Volume" on the removable USB stick (option is greyed out).


Not sure if it's possible :/


Anybody got any input on whether I would be better off using the hazard snow leopard as a starting point and doing following the rest of tweak41's guide?



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