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Need a little help, P4 and Snow install issues.


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if someone could help me out it would be most appreciated.


yesterday i decided to put OS X on a oldish pc that has a Pentium 4 2.6Ghz and 2GB of DDR and a FX5200, that i had under my bed, it started out ok got a few KP's but i trial and error'd different boot cd's.


i then finally got to the setup using the flags -v -x arch=i386 on nawcoms mod cd using a legacy kernel.


i partitioned it but it just looped on mounting drive, did it again it was ok.


i then went to install it it then just looped on finding the disk (it was greyed out) went back a step then forward it then let me choose it, i customised it then began the install.


im now stuck, its just stuck at installing Mac OS X on the disk "OSX" no estimated time, just looping mouse still works and keyboard works error log says nothing about it.


i would go back and then forward as it works with the other components of the installer, disk utility the customise menu but i cant i can only exit it.


and from what i can tell the disc has stopped spinning.


Thank you



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