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Dimension 4700 Cant get iatkos s3 v2 10.6.4 working on it


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hi guys, i got iatkos 10.6.4 s3 v2 dvd. iam trying to dual boot with windows 7. i currently got windows 7 on first partition and the second has the mac install. the pc is a dimension 4700 with intel p4 3.4ghz with ht, 2 gb ddr ram, nvidia geforce 6800 256mb video card, 160gb sata hard drive. and a usb keyboard and mouse.


i cant seem to get the built in network card (intel) or the mouse and keyboard (usb) and i am not sure what i should use to get my video card going right.. i can only get the mouse and keyboard to work when i type "-v" before i press enter to bootup mac. and mac says the network cable is unplugged for my network card. below is the patches i have used.


chameleon rc4

32 bit boot

rtc 32 bit

qoopz 10.3.0

evo reboot

usb (mofified iousbfamily.kext)

achi sata

intel sata

voodo hda

ntfs -3g

intel pro v 100


*** i did not select the usb patches under the bootloader, as i wasnt sure if i needed them or not.


any help is greatly appreciated, i have a school project soon due and i need to get work done so i dont fail, thxs, shawn

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