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kernal stack fault! help to get it right!


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Hey im trying to get this badboy up and running, with a couple of iso's ive god. my spec is:


asrock 775dual-vsta (pt880 chipset)


2gig ram


ive got a total of 3 hdds (all ide) pluged in and working, trying to install on one 320gig hdd which is partioned but not formated.


1 ide dvd drive.


Im trying it the vmware way as native wouldnt work for me. Ive folowed several guides here, when i press run i get a popup saying drive not ready the draw maybe open, i press continue manage to get to the stage where it see dawin press install a few seconds latter this:





Im moving to a new country in 24 hours and realy want to get this running so by the time i pick it up i dont have to mess about geting it going.


Thanks in advance!

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