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Black Screen upon booting


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-I am trying to get my HD5570 graphics working on snow leopard, i heard the Uakari is best for my GPU,

-edited the boot.plist with graphics enabler, arch=i386,atiROM, ATi fb to Uakari

-i repair disk, but when i rebooted, it loads the Apple logo screen then suddenly it goes black screen(my monitor goes to sleep)

-how can i fix this

-currently have iatkos s3 v2 vanilla kernel, update 10.6.6, and using my VGA port, my gpu has Display port, DVI, and VGA.


plz my hard drive is working plz help me i can feel that it is working but i get black screen after apple logo boot.

-i followed white_apple_x86's guide to making his HD5450 similar to mines(hd5570)



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