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Compaq mini 110c-1147NR Leopard / Snow Leopard compatibility


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I've been lurking on these forums for several months now while trying to figure out the best game plan for my Compaq Mini 110c. This is actually one of the Cowboom $89 slickdeals from last year, so I'm hoping some others who purchased this might have some advice for me. Looking at my particular model #, is my model the EXACT same as an HP Mini 110? Even the HP Mini 110's seem to have several different models. The model I have actually has a Verizon wireless data card in it as well.


One of the biggest, most obvious questions is: what all is supported in Snow Leopard on this machine? I've searched and get varying answers from WiFi and Sleep don't work, to they work if you swap the Wifi card, to they work if you do X or Y. The compatibility charts on the various sites rarely mention if it's Leopard or Snow Leopard that they are referring to. I'm wanting this for some light Logic use and basic iPhone development.


I've built a desktop hackintosh, but can't seem to get started on this netbook. I've tried iAtkos S3v2 (kernel panic before installing), Retail using Netbookbootmaker (kernel panic before installing), and even iPortable Snow. Using iPortable Snow, I was able to boot, setup a user everything on my USB stick. While nothing was working (sound, wifi, etc), it booted. I attempted to clone from USB to local disk using Clonetools H1 and then setup dual boot using EasyBCD. This actually somewhat worked as I was able to select the OS X partition and boot up. Unfortunately, it just hangs at the Apple logo. I've tried using various boot strings, but it seems to ignore them all... even using "-v" doesn't display the verbose output.


Any ideas or guides would be greatly appreciated.



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