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Odd input problems (10.6, Hazard)


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Hey all.


This morning I finally got Hazard 10.6.2 to install and boot, and subsequently went to install the 10.6.6 combo + the legacy kernel. Things went smoothly, and I've gotten things to the point where it is pretty much a flawless install. Up until a few minutes ago, I had issues only with accelerated graphics, a corrupted bootloader on the hard disk (I've been using the hazard dvd to boot), and issues with my PS2 keyboard not working (to overcome this I stole a usb keyboard from my parents, which they'll no doubt want back).


Then, almost magically, the PS2 keyboard began working. I think it might have been due to the fact that I had the ApplePS2Controller kext installed, installed the VoodooPS2 kext, and then removed the ApplePS2Controller kext. Nevertheless, I was happy, as this was really the only thing left to fix. After that, I added a GraphicsEnabler key in the boot file in /E (or wherever it's at), and installed the latest Chameleon bootloader to the hard disk.


I rebooted and just let it boot without passing any options, and it ended up on a solid blue screen, but it took keyboard input as I could hear the alert sound playing. I killed the power and booted again, this time passing in the busratio and Graphics Mode. It booted nicely. However, the alert sound (the one that plays when you backspace on an already empty text box) was sounding off constantly. I opened the terminal and it was filling up with 8's and ~'s. I unplugged both my usb mouse and my PS2 keyboard (now there is no input device plugged in), and it still occurred. I'm stuck as to what the problem might be.


System specs:

AMD Athlon x4 3.0 GHz


Nvidia 9500 GT

MS Natural Keyboard Elite

Logitech Cordless USB mouse

MSI 785GM-P45




Back to using the USB keyboard, I removed the VoodooPS2 kext and was able to boot fine (just a few moments ago I wasn't even able to fully login, just kept getting the blue screen). I also forgot about patching cpuids, and heard that Marvin's AMD utility crashes. All of the apps I installed thus far crash with an Illegal Instruction error, and in "About This Mac" it lists my CPU as "Unknown 3.0GHz", which tells me that it can't tell what processor I'm using, thus it cannot determine whether or not it supports the instructions needed by certain apps.

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