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[Solved by a BIOS update] Random Kernel Panic


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Hi ;) ,


I've got a problem with Mac OS X 10.6.6 : I've got random freeze with GeForce.kext.

I've read somewhere on the internet that this kernel panic is due of Nvidia Driver (Tonymacx86 Driver, this is the one I use because my Graphic Card haven't any official support : Nvidia GTS 450) ans 10.6.6 version of SL.

So, i've made a new installation of Mac OS X and i've put the 10.6.5 instead of the 10.6.6 : But the problem still here.

The Next time i've got a panic I'll put a Screenshots here.

Besides that issue everything is allright : Sound, Network, etc... This is the only thing who doesn't want to work :/


My hardware specs are :

ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU, 2x2gb ram Kingstone, DualCore E5300, Nvidia GTS 450


EDIT : The Kernel Panic Occur again, but there was nothing on screen. My debug flag is on 0x100 : did I miss something ?


EDIT : I've tried to limit the amount of ram to 3.5 gb and still doesn't work


Thanks for your help.

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to which bios version did you update? guess there was no update for this board since release.


using same board and gfx card and still getting freezes despite of applying the voodoo-hda-fix excluding the nvidia-hda device.

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