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Atheros 9285 Wifi working after installing Drivers for Dongle


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got Atheros 9285 working after installing and using a USB Wifi Dongle. A friend of mine told me that it did work with his laptop using this method and I actually tried today ant it does work.


Also rebootet without the Wifi Dongle and I am able to use the internet right now.


this might be a help to all these people out there, which are unable to find any wifi networks altough their driver seems to be installed properly...


I don't know how this works together but the driver must play some major role in this game?

I am curious...


Just wrote down everything in details but since stupidity is endless, I pressed backspace and went back to the last page... and now everythings gone. Took me a lot of patience to make another attempt to start writing again...


see you guys

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Do you have the link to the driver download?


I'm curious to try this.


It's actually not working anymore... Can't Tell you why, it just stopped and I'm back to the way it was.


Not to sure If this will work without the stick being used once.

But what I know for sure now: It was working and I sill didn't have that are code in the system profiler...


Uploaded the whole Package that came with the CD. Good Luck...


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