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power on loop


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Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2

i5-760, Scythe NInja 2

Corsair XMS PC3-12800


Corsair CX600

G5 case mod


my issue isn't exactly OSX related, but I figured this site was a great resource for help.


This Is a recent build of mine, thats been fully functioning for the last 2 months, and fully stress tested in the beginning.


2 weeks ago, I decided to start OC'ing it a bit and got the clock up to a steady 4.2GHz with a 1.36 vcore, and at peak, my temps remained less than 70c (63c-67c), with an average idle temp of 35c. Solid!


everything seemed to be running fine, never had a KP, never any issues. I work in the 3D realm, and last night set my machine to render overnight. I woke up mid-night to my machine stuck in a power on loop. that is, it would power on for about 1 second, then power down for about 5 seconds and loop.


at first I just figured it was the cpu, due to the overclock. But after reading up on it, it seems to be a common(?) problem with Gigabyte boards.


Following the footsteps of others, i've attempted to isolate the problem, but can only get so far without an extra 1156 board, or cpu.



In attempts to be facing in the right direction, I have to ask what the possibilities are that it is the board and my boot loop is irrelevant to the cpu? or, what your thoughts are in general? is the overclock just a coincidence to a faulty mobo? if it is the board, did the OC cause it to fail? is there even a way to really know for sure? should this post be in a different section of the forum? :rolleyes:


thanks guys!

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