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Wake On LAN resets CMOS?


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I really need your help on this one.

My hack runs smoothly (oc'ed to 4.2Ghz). Everything works including sleep, shutdown/restart, no freeze. However, when I shut it down, and then send a magic packet to it (WoL) the bios freaks out. The box keeps going on, and off, and after third attempt it gives me an error about failed overclocking attempt. I know this is a bios feature for failed overclocks, but even if I boot with bios optimized, or default settings it's still happening. I'm running BIOS ver. FE. I've also tried to wake it up from sleep same way (WoL), but it won't fully wake up (no video). The weird thing is when I boot to windows, and shut it down from there it wakes up via WoL just fine including overclocked settings. I wouldn't blame overclock, because I get same behavior with default settings. So, problem is definitely with OSX, and the way it shuts down the system.



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