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Laptop Goes Black on Battery Power


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So I installed OSX using the 10.6.3 retail CD and the nawcom boot CD. Most things are working well, just noticed a big problem.


When I boot on A/C power, no problems. When I boot using battery power, I can get to the desktop, and just when battery icon in the top right corner loads, the whole screen goes black, almost like it's sleeping - but the fans are still on. It seems like the screen is trying to dim, but since I turned off the "dim screen on battery power" option, that doesn't make sense.


If I boot with A/C power, then unplug it to switch to battery power, the same things happens.


If I boot with the nawcom boot CD on battery power, I can get to the OSX desktop, no problems.


I installed VoodooBattery, VoodooPower, but I'm stuck. I did check out the IORegistryExplorer and it says System-Type is 02.


I will say I had to delete the sleepenabler.kext, as that gives me KPs. I'd love to get sleep working too, but the battery issue is far more important.



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Well, I think I got it sorted. Not sure if there was a conflict between VoodooBattery and my graphics or what, but using AppleACPIBatteryManager seems to have done the trick, after deleting VoodooBattery. Not 100% sure that's the fix, but it seems to be working. Hope that helps someone else at some point.

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