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Snow Leopard 10.6.6i-Cant Install on MSI G31TM-P21


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Hi Everybody,...here i shoot...I m completely new to this mac on pc thing.the day i read about it i juz decided i'm gonna try this.so i downloaded Snow Leopard 10.6.6i by Hazard SSE2/SSE3 Intel Only.and to b on a safe side, i fired it up first in virtualbox 4 and evrything worked fine...it installed fine, i made it to the desktop.


So i decided to go it for real.fired up the install disc and this is what happened...


1.That Blue color chameleon screen came up,i pressed a key to quickly go to instal menu.


2.then came a Grey Screen with a Big apple on it...and that's it,it stays forever like this.No spinning wheel below apple image also.


So guys plz tell wat m doing wrong.


My PC specs-


Intel Core2Duo E7500 2.93Ghz





Intel GMA 3100(is this the problem?)


2GB Kingston DDR2 RAM




LG DVD writer(IDE)


I've Enabled HPET on my mobo.there's no option to set SATA to AHCI mode.


Edit 1-

After reading some post i found that there is something called 'verbose' mode.So i just started the installer in verbose mode.it showed a hell lotta text scrolling at a speed Unreadable by Humans (Yeah..coz i think its for the computer to read!).But at last it stopped...and stopped at this-

MAC Framework Successfully Initialised

RTC Single Ram Bank(128)...blah blah blah.


Hope this info is of any help. :(


Edit 2-


Tried Some More things-reset the bios to Failsafe Defaults, then Enable HPET, then Disable the Onboard LAN and HD Audio. Set the bios to halt on No Errors. Put it to S3. and then went for the install...this time a little progress.it stays on apple logo but now i can see a spinning wheel below it.but it stays on it.


Also in verbose mode i tired these cpus=1 -x -v and this time it moved ahead from 'MAC frmwrk sccfly initlsd'..but then again stopped. the last line was Systemshutdown false.


btw..right now i m having 3 partitions-30gb,100gb and 102gb.windows 7 on 30gb partition.


So guys plz help ..Eagerly awaiting some response.HELP HELP!!

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