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Problems with boot


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Sorry my poor english, but i have a big problem!


I've downloaded the osx86 10.4.5, but the boot fail every time...


Appear something about this: .......... Abnormally: Segmentation fault



what's the version of osx86 will run best?


My configuration is:


AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice - MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, x86-64

clock speed 2200.0MHz

FSB speed 200.0MHz

multiplier 11.0x


2x 512mb Kingston PC3200


ABIT KN8 - Ultra Series(NF-CK804)

(LAN & sound onboard)




2x IDE Samsung 80gb 7200rpm

1x IDE Maxtor 20gb 5400rpm



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Perhaps try to boot with -x ?

Anyway, try the hotiso 10.4.6 dvd image. It has specific patches for AMD.

When booting, hit quickly the F8 key, then type -x, and the return key to boot in safe mode.

If your installation (Important : choose "custom" installation, not "default", and select the AMD patches) is successful, then after reboot you will have another bug (like many) : the B0 error.

If you have this, go HERE to have a solution.

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