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how to enable snow leo 64 bit with AMD cpu


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Hey, This is my first post, but I'm not so noob to hackintosh. I've installed mac os x several times to a PC with iatkos s3 v2.


My home PC has AMD Phenom II 1090T cpu, asus motherboard, 6gb kinston 1600 mhz ram.


I've installed 10.6.3 mac os x while nawcom 0.31 mod CD. Then installed legacy PC pkg. It showed my pc as MacMini. So I used chameleon panel & DSDT, so it showed like Mac Pro. Also, 6 cores & 1600 mhz ram. ButI can't open it with 64 bit. I've asked at iatkos forums noone could able to help.


Also, after DSDT, I could'nt open some applications like kext utility after restart. If I force my hackintosh to open as 64 bit, it gives "System uptime in nanoseconds ..." error. Anyone could help me? I want 64 bit cause of use 64 bit applications like adobe after effects, maya...

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