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Question: VLC stuttering playback but not Plex or XBMC


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Hi All!


First of all I have to thank all the members who post there knowledge and help newbies (like me) to get OSX up and running! Thanks!


Now to my question:

When playing a movie file lets say a mpeg with 720p from internal HDD, playback in VLC is choppy with a clear picture. Looks a bit like the 25p stutter.

Playing the same video file with either Plex or XBMC is fine though. No lagging nothing.


Don´t worry too much. It just bugs me to not now the reason and maybe one of you has had the same problem.

I´m going to stick with Plex/XBMC anyhow.


Last detail:

Asus P5n7a-VM

C2D E8400


internal Gfx with 256MB

OSX 10.6.6.


When playing a movie in VLC CPU load on 1 Core is about 13% with about 65% idle. Plex about 18% same with XBMC.


Ok thats it! Thanks again for all your great work!




(as soon as I´m allowed to, I will post my experience on how to get everything running on the P5n7a seeming there are a few issues left for some folks around here. Maybe my little experience in T&E will help them.)

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