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OSX 10.6. stops at 20%


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HI i am trying to reinstall the osx 10.6. and i am having trouble...

I have i7 920, GA-EX58-UD5 4gb ram, 9600gt...


I am using empire efi, and retail dvd, it boots up, and the osx install starts,

but when it comes around 20% it just sits there for hours... and never finish...


I had already installed on the same hardware osx a year ago, but now it so stubborn,

and i don't know what is the problem...




Tnx, Marko

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I had the same problem and fixed it by using another image. I also tried to use another DVD volume, but didn't help.

Try this:


- Burn your image new, as slow as possible

- Download another image and try it

- Check if your RAM is alright (i've read a lot of threads, where a broken RAM caused the problem

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i also tryed with kakewalk, i boot to install menu via USB,


and everything is fine, when bar comes to 75% it reboots.


I disconeted everything but 1 hard drive, usb keybord and mouse.


Changed gtx260, 9600gt and ati1600x, tried with 10.6.0 10.6.3.

Even changed a hard drive and disconeted optical drive.


Only thing that i havent changed is a bios...

And it's not a first time to install a hackintosh, it worked on this components for a year.


Does anybody else have some idea?

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It's solved, for some reason it reboted at 25% when instaled via Emipre efi and DVD,

and 75% via kakewalk and usb...


But the instalation was finished!!!


Then to go to OSX you need to boot from usb again, when asked for drive, you first choose harddrive,

it will say driver missing driver, and then you choose usb again, and it will lead you to the OSX Welcome animation...


if you choose just usb before hard drive it will boot up to install again!!!


I discovered by mistake!!! I don't know how and why, but it works some how!!!



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