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Latitude E4310 heat issues


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My laptop is running hot and the battery seems to be draining faster in SL 10.6.3 than in Win7. So I tried adding a few kexts to /Extras/Extensions that I got from here. I installed FakeSMC, IntelThermal, SuperIOFamily, IntelCPUMonitor, and ACPIMonitor, however, I am not noticing a difference.


I can't see CPU fan info from iStat, and my machine continues to run hot.


Any ideas? Should I not be using all of these? I'm fairly new with OSX, however, I have a triple boot going with Win7/OSX/Ubuntu. Mostly everything works in Snow Leopard. I am mainly trying to get the CPU throttling and the fan working correctly so the battery doesn't drain so fast when in SL.


How do I know if these are actually working? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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