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Thanx to InsanelyMac and the OSx86 dev.-team...


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hi i would like to express my most sincere thanks and respect to the entire InsanelyMac and the OSx86 dev.-team for their work, enthusiasm and support.


I´ve been working with macs since more than 20 years and had always regretted the apple software in apple exclusive hardware limitation.


it was always my thought, and had aways been a dream to me, to install a mac os onto a normal pc or laptop, and i still remember downloading the 1st DARWIN CODE in 1999..


now thanx to you guys, i have just successfully done so yesterday exercising with an iAtkos v.5 distro (a former install with iPC 10.5.6 failed) thanx to vood´s advice and special acer install tools.


so the next step will be,.. the Retail Vanilla os x 10.5.8 Full Install onto that very same ACER 5920 G


So again, thanks to you all... and may Apple realize that they have just become "real" rivals to Microsoft in the PC world.


As i always say, don´t just critizise, there´s good and bad things in everything. Mac´s not better than Win,.. Win´s not better than Mac,... they´re just different... i simply prefer Mac...


Thank You

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