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I have to say after 2 hours of fiddling with OSx86-10.4.6-HOtIsO I have to say I am pleased with the overall performance, however the stability of the system has yet to be determined.


-I have an Intel 915GAV and an Nvidia 6600 GT, with the Macvidia drivers installed.


-I updated with the 10.4.7 Jas Release


-Problem: Applications (Including Safari, and Finder...almost all apps) have an instability and like to lock up at random times. Its hard to pinpoint what is causing the problem, but my machine is like a windows 95 box on the day of release (yea that bad, not an over exageration :(


I also noticed the screen saver is slow as can be....The preview shows nice smooth transitional effects, and full screen shows the computer acting like its a 486DX with a 2meg Trident Card (ok, not that bad but close enough :angel:


Any suggestions and input would def be appreciated

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