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help with p5k and HD with multiple partition


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Hi, I'm new to the hackintosh scene, but I was already able to install osx on my Samsung N110 Netbook.

Now I'd like to install it on my main pc, but I've encountered many issues. In order:

- Hazard 6.2: Installed OK, but when I run it for the first time I get the "still waiting for root device". I tried to solve it in many ways but I was unable (I haven't tried to downgrade the bios to get AHCI, but I suppose it should work anyway since I was able to install!)

- Hazard 6.6: blocked at the boot again with the "waiting for root" error.

- Vanilla: After dozen of attemps I was able to start it, but I was stopped by the installer itself because it needs a full HD, while I have just a partition to use.


So, my main questions are about the Vanilla one, since I've found some nice guides (where I can't reply :) ) but apparently no one is using partitions (I have xp and ubuntu on it). Partitions should work, since they worked on my netbook and on the Hazard 6.2 install. Maybe it would be easier to solve the 6.6 / 6.2 issue, but I've tried with so many kext/ppf that I gave up (mainly because it seems that a p5k mainboard is better to be used with a Vanilla install).


Anyone can help me?



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