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Kernel Panic after Win 7 Install: EEEPC 1005HAB


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Here were my install instructions, I used an Apple iPod Video 60GB, used Disk Utility and restored the Snow Leopard Install DVD, then for some reason install would freeze up and iPod sync signal would no longer be going in circles on the iPod. I figured it was a problem due to the iPod, so, I made a new partition in my drive with disk utility, and restored the installation dvd from the iPod to the partition, and rebooted into it with NBI. Install was successful after that; ethernet would fail with every kext i tried. Wifi was very buggy, mic didn't work, other than that, everything was good.


However, I installed Windows 7 through a bootable USB, created a new partition with NTFS and installed. It overwrote my NetBookInstaller and would only boot windows.


I no longer had access to a mac, so using TransMac, I copied a netbookinstaller image to a usb, NBI found all three partitions (OSX INSTALL, Snow Loepard, Windows 7) but both the DVD installer and snow leopard boot into kernel panics, regardless of bootflags.


After running fedora 14 from the 4 gig stick, I can access the files in my Snow Leopard Installation, & Windows 7; and from reading the kernel panic, it has to do with SleepEnabler.kext in the Extras folder.


Using Fedora, I have read-only access, is there a way to delete the kext through Fedora? Like, gain write access and remove it?


if the iso is on the 1005HAB desktop on windows 7, can I 'restore' the iso to a partition on my hard disk without disk utility? Is there a Windows or Linux program equivalent?

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