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[Working] ASUS M4A79 Deluxe, ATI 5770.


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Using this guide here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=227592 I finally managed to get my system up and running with Mac OS and updated to 10.6.6 with nawcom kernel.


Everything seems to be running great except for a few small issues:


-My sound, supposedly ALC1200 doesn't work. I have the slider, but no device in System Profiler. Still picking away at it, any tips would be appreciated. ID in Windows shows Ven 10CE DEV 0888 (odd?) 104383CB.


-I still need to use the Boot CD (1.6 in the guide) to get into OSX because I keep getting this error message:


dyld: shared cache file was build against a different libSystem.dylib. ignoring cache


It'll just hang there if I let it run. I have tried sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -force but that didnt seem to work.


-I also need to use arg maxmem=4096. Otherwise I was getting UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY.


-It recognizes my Sapphire 5770 and I can run up to 1920x1080 with no hacks, just using the applet in SysPrefs. I did notice scrolling is a bit jerky as well as HD video. Not sure if that is normal.


All in all it went well, I have been working on it for ages trying different things out. The major stumbling block was figuring out that maxmem fixed my shut down issues.


I fully realize this is a hack and wont necessarily run as well as Windows on this hardware, but I wouldn't mind using this as my day to day OS. Love Mac OS, just hate the cost of entry.


All in all I definitely learned a few things, if anyone has any questions I will TRY to help. I am still a scrub at this though.

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