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nawcom 10.6.6 legacy kernel - atheros injection panic ?


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Just tried two combo upgrades to 10.6.6 with nawcom's legacy kernel installer package. One from my existing 10.6.3 install, another on a clean HD in the same PC using nawcom's Gnu/Linux USB Install Guide to install retail 10.6.0 patched with 'chocolate kernel'.


I've just isolated a double panic that prevented normal booting to the presence of my Gigabyte Atheros PCI wireless card.


This worked OOB in 10.6.0 and worked in 10.6.3 by patching in the IONameMatch key 168c,13 into AirportAtheros21.kext's Info.plist in S/L/E + Netkas' AtherosFix.kext in E/E


In 10.6.6 I get what looks like a kernel message ( a long source path from what looks like the kernel source tree) about an Atheros???.cpp file failing to load followed by a screenload of kernel Double Panic messages.


In 10.6.3 AirportAtheros21.kext was at 4.2.2

In 10.6.6 AirportAtheros21.kext is now 4.2.4


The reason I suspect this is a kernel message is that it appeared both before _and_ after I had patched IONameMatch.


Does the 10.6.6 legacy kernel do any wireless injection ? If so, does it have flags I can use to control it ?


Removing the card from the PC is my only workaround at the moment.

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i've also expierenced what you are going through as well...


I get a kernel panic whenever I have my Atheros 5008 PCI wireless card in either PCI 1 or 2 and the computer freezes up...


If I take it out it works smooth as ice



I'm very sure someone can figure this out... please..



I have taken a lot of pictures of different panics with an HD camera...





If you need anything else let me know ;)

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