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Please help with Lap. keyboard & mouse prob.on iATKOS S3


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Hi everyone,


I installed the iATKOS S3 ver. 2 (Snow Leopard 10.6.3) & then update to the 10.6.6 ver.


I have the Compaq Presario CQ61 - 120j laptop.


The installation was good and easy but the lap. Keyboard + Mouse are not working and i have to connect an external usb one's.


Also the dvd & the usb r not working.


Can anyone help me with this? i search the wiki project but i did not found any details about my specific computer model.


Thanks a lot!!!

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if your keyboard worked before you updated, try installing one of the PS2 drivers from the install dvd




Thanks for your answer!


No, the keyboard & the mouse didnt work before i installed the 10.6.6 update - they did not work at all with the mac os.


When i boot with windows they work fine.


I do not have any ps2 plugs in my laptop....


Do you have any other idea?


Thanks a alot for your help!!!

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It would be a courtesy to read the stickies, especially the ones marked as very important:




I'm sorry, you are right.


I have to say that last month, when i joined this forum, i've read the new users rules, i've post 1 Q. & i didnt have to wait (it was after the 13th of Jan).


Anyway, please accept my apology.



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