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No QE/CI after 10.6.6 update with Geforce 8600 GT HDMI out


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Hi guys,


after trying and reading thousands of topics related to my issue and because I haven´t been able to figure this one out, I decided to ask the pros on this board (which by the way taught me a lot of stuff in the last two years) to point me in the right direction.


My setup is as follows:


AMD Core 2 64 X2, Abit MCP78 motherboard, internal S-ATA with Snow Leopard 10.6, internal IDE with Leopard 10.5.8, Gainward Geforce 8600 GT (VGA, DVI, HDMI). Desktop monitor connected via VGA, Flatscreen TV via HDMI.


Both Leopard and Snow Leopard boot perfectly with Chameleon PC-EFI 10.6. Both run with full acceleration and dual screen (VGA and HDMI) by adding the particular EFI-string for my card.


Only problem is, when I try to update Snow Leopard to 10.6.6 via combo update (10.6.5 combo update behaves the same way), it appears to be ok, but when I try to boot into 10.6.6 (same with 10.6.5) I get stuck at a black, slightly backlit screen.


By unplugging the HDMI cable (that goes into TV), I am able to boot the updated 10.6.6, but get only standard 1024 resolution. After adding an EFI-string for my 8600 GT and restarting (only with the VGA cable from monitor plugged) I get full resolution but still no QE/CI. Restarting again with both VGA and HDMI connected gets me stuck again at the black, slightly backlit screen.


I´m sure it´s only a minor issue, as 10.5.8 Leopard and the plain 10.6 Snow work beautifully with dual screen and QE/CI. I only need to get it work in 10.6.6 too.


Which kext is responsible for dual screen and/or QE/CI? Maybe someone could point me in the right direction?!


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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