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Asus 1005p snow leopard install problem


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I'm installing Snow Leopard 10.6 on an Asus 1005p.


I've followed more than one guide to the letter to the letter, and everything goes fine...to a point. However despite installing SL 10.6 and installing the extras and kexts as advised, running pfix a few times, the netbook will not boot from the internal drive.


Chameleon loads and depending on whether I hit a key, will offer the USB snow leopard install, or the internal hard drive.


But when I choose the internal drive there are issues I can't fathom. It looks like it is loading fine, but the grey Mac logo with grey spinning wheel below, suddenly has what looks like a traffic 'no entry' sign on the mac logo. Pictured attached


When I have installed and before the initial reboot, in sys preferences the internal drive is not offered as a start up disk.


Only the 'network' and 'USB Mac OSx'. And despite three installs, only once did I manage to get the netbook to boot from it's own drive.


I've repartitioned the HD more than once (GUID, Mac OS Jounraled) , and reinstalled but to no avail.


Any idea at all why the netbook will not boot properly ?

Advice gratefully received.


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