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I/O Error while trying to make an image of the bootcamp partition


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Hei all.


I was just about to install the Leopard preview on my 2nd partition on my MBP... But I wanted to backup my Win-partition first, to perhaps use that again later, etc.

But every time I try to make an image of that via Disk Utility, it gives me an i/o-error. I tried to do it logged in, while booted via the restore DVD, in Firewire-Target-Disk mode, on the internal HD and an external one, repaired the Volume, I don't know what I do wrong - the must be a way, doesn't it?


I'd be happy if anyone could help me, hope I've posted in the correct subforum,






PS: Sry for my bad English. :poster_oops:


PS2: OK, don't want to wait anymore, I think I'll just overwrite it... thx anyways

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