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Post-install MyHack - unclear on what causes preboot freeze


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Hi and thanks in advance for reading this much,


I have been fiddling with trying to get OSx86 installed for a while now, and finally, after purchasing an Asrock P45DE mobo (P45, ICH10), managed to get MyHack install working. Install runs safe and fine as you might imagine.


Post-install so far is looking less good. I get a freezeup, but I don't quite understand why. I obviously looked up the last few messages but nothing seems to be an issue, let alone a completely freeze-up.



That's with -f -F -v but it's exactly the same as far as I can tell with just -v. What commands should I try? I already deleted AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext (hence the -f -F) and saw no difference. I did not install any kexts just yet, and if there's any I should, I have the installer as well as a Windows with Macdrive boot to make any changes.


Any more questions will of course be answered as quickly as I can. Hope I didn't miss anything stupid.




Edit 1: Did a repair of permissions from the install DVD and then booted into -s. This works fine. That should be significant.


Then after a quick system directory check (I could cd into /S/L/E, which was all I tried), I did exit and got the last exactly 10 messages before another total freeze.

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