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Alu wireless keyboard A1255 pairing error


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Hello, i need your help.

Until yesterday i used my aluminum keyboard normally, when the batteries were fully drained. So i replaced them with the new ones, and tried to connect keyboard with my macbook, but no success. I removed it from bluetooth device list, and tried again, but still unsuccessfully.


When i try to pair it in "settings/keyboard/add new bluetooth keyboard" it founds only "1 keyboard" for about 10s, and then instead of a keyboard name i get "no keyboard found". If i try to add it in "settings/bluetooth/add new bluetooth device", macbook also finds a keyboard with mac address, but still without a keyboard name. If i choose continue the wheel is spinning for about half a minute, and than i get "pairing unsuccessful" message.


When i pres power button on my keyboard, the light starts to blink (i think that the keyboard is in discovery mode), and it blinks for a while. I read somewhere, that i should press return key a few times while pairing, or power button, but it doesn't help in my case. I also removed batteries and hold a power button for al least 3-4 minutes, but it still doesn't help. I remove batteries and leave the keyboard over night, and this also didn't help.

I can't pair it with any other computer (the others are PC).


Is it possible that keyboard suddenly died ?


Please give me some advice.


Thanks, bye

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