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installation went fine - sata+graphics problem solved, but boots only when jasDVD is in drive


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hi there...


got a proper working jas10.4.6! did get s-ata work permanently so that I can get hands on thestuff I have on the win-harddrive and even got the macvidia107 working so that card is recognized and I get 1680x1050 resolution ... pretty happy about that.


but I can boot in osx86 only when I choose the ide disk as 'first' in the bios AND the jas-install-dvd is inserted in the dvd-drive. i don't press any button when the counter appears and it starts nicely :idea: when the dvd isn't in the drive nothing happens.


what could I do that I don't have to have the dvd in drive for the booting process always?


changing the drive to boot in the bios is ok for me, but how can I leave that dvd out?


thanks for tips!!!


one other ting :) I cannot open itunes preferences ... why's that ;)


my machine:

AMD Athlon64 3000 @ 3.2 Ghz

Asus K8N-E deluxe (sound + firewire even works!)

Leadtek A400 Geforce 6800 ultra TDH

system installed on IDE-HD

windows HD on the S-ATA bus


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