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Snow Leopard on Asus 1201N: Can't even reach the language selection menu


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I'm trying to install Snow Lepoard (freshly bought DVD 10.6.3) on my Asus Eee PC 1201N.

Before installing, I replaced the HD with a SSD and I also replaced the wifi card with a Dell 1510 half mini PCI-E.


I prepared my boot key using:


according to https://sites.google.com/site/asusguide


with: -v

gray screen with:

Setting Legacy USB Off on controller [10de:0aa6] at 00:04.1

Legacy USB Off Done

Setting Legacy USB Off on controller [10de:0aa9] at 00:06.1

Legacy USB Off Done


with: -v arch=i386

Kernel Panic: "Version mis-match between Kernel and CPU PM [...]

Kernel Extensions in backtrace:



I also tried the kernels from:


with the mach_kernel_atom: automatic reboot

with the mach_kernel_atom_64: automatic reboot


Any idea ? need more information ?

Should I put back the original wifi card ? and replace after the install ?



Help ....


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delete sleepenabler.kext and boot with -f. should work!


I've deleted the two sleepenabler.kext I found and ... nothing changed !

Same errors, same kernel panic.

Should I run something before booting ?


I tried

-v -f

-v -f arch=i386

-v -f arch=i386 pmVersion=0

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Do you have Disabler.kext or AppleNullCPUPowerManagement.kext? Try adding one of those and booting with "-v arch=i386" as your problem seems to be related to power management.


Anyone I can find on the net ?

In which directory do I have to put them ? /System/Library/Extensions ?


Thanks for your help,


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