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REWARD! Clean snow installation. Help needed


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I'm currently facing a big problem because my current osx86 install doesn't boot and my macbook broke 1 month ago.

I want to install snow leopard on this setup but can't find a way how to.


All these different guides and versions frustrate me. I created a topic here before but I had no replies.


What I want?

I want a fully working system (incl. motherboard, graphics, usb ports and ethernet) to work with snow leopard (10.6.5 preferably). My motherboard and graphics are unusual for osx86 setups but I can't afford to buy new ones.


Could you guide me into how to start doing this? I know basic stuff about boot and can figure out things but no way I know much about hackintosh.


My setup :

motherboard : Asus Rampge I Extreme (non-i7)

graphics : ATI Sapphire 3870X2 or nvidia 9800 GX2 (I got both, which ever works better and easier)

cpu : Intel Q9300 @ 2.5Ghz

ram : 6GB DDR3 1333mhz


I would really appreciate someone to help me because I need a mac operating system by the end of the week to start editing my project with final cut!

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