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best HACKbook ? on core duo or core solo

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hi everyone

i know what there is a lot of threads for notebooks, but i create one new exactly for CoreDuo and GMA950


i with to find a near 1000$ notebook on Intel core duo and i945GM chipset with GMA 950.

most similar to mac book.


preffer to have a build-in wifi working


i know what in USA i can buy a mac book for the same money, but i'm from Russia, and here the cheapes MacBook is over 1500$, 2.0 Ghz model with DVD RW >1700$.


also i find what mostly notebooks with core duo processor can work only when one core is off.

maybe the better way to go with CORE SOLO ?

any comments are welcome!



i like Dell Inspiron 6400.

build-in audio doesn't work, but it don't worry me too much (have USB audio)

main point is wireless and networking


as i see for wireless Intel doesn't work, but the DELL DOES.

the Dell is optional ? or it biuld-in on some models of 6400/1505 ?


and what's about networking?

did it work or not? on HCL someone write what it works, someone - not..


can anyone explain me?



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