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New Member, New User, and New Problems Yay!


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Hey all! Im glad to finally join the club. Ive wanted to try an OSX86 install for quit a while bought thought it was too hard or even impossilbe for that matter. I found a youtube video talking about getting an installer disc., Kalyway being the one he mentioned. After a little searching and compare of system specs, I thought, Why Not. Well after installing 10.5.2 about 7 times. I think Im now somewhat stable. My system specs are:


Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H Mobo

Intel E7400 Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz

OCZ Gold 2gb DDR2 800

Western Digital 160gb 7200rpm

Netgear GA-311 Ethernet Card


All but the Netgear card were part of an HTPC that I built that I no longer was using for that purpose. Hence the new install. Realizing that the onboard nic wouldnt work, luckily I had the Netgear laying around. Im still ahving quite a few problems. So of which are:


-889a sound isnt working

-cant format a 1TB hard drive but can format 2 500gb partions on same drive

-have to restart to recognize a USB thumbdrive FIXED

-cant see other computers on the network (I could at one point in the beginning I think when I was editing kext's to get networking working... long story)

-and I cant install the iDeneb Combo 10.5.8 update, keeps crashing halfway through.


I think thats it for now. Im still new at this, so its taking a little time. But atleast I have SuperDuper now, so I shouldnt have to reinstall anymore.

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I atleast got one of my issues fixed. The hard thing was, trying to weed through all the junk. Doing a search for USB and Hackintosh wont give you many results dealing with problems. Most of the results were for USB Thumbdrive installs.


This is the link that fixed my problem: USB Fix

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